Visiting Melbourne? Take Up A Wild Tour!

When you think of Melbourne, you may relate it with words like outback, wildlife and cosmopolitan. To the locals, it may just be their Central Business District of Victoria state’s capital city. But did you know? It is also a gateway to places of interests that involve wildlife? With so many nooks and crannies to explore, there is a virtually endless list of things to do for tourists and travellers. If you are coming to Melbourne soon, read on to find out about a tour in the wild that might suit your interests.

KWild Touroalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD

Koalas & Kangaroos IN THE WILD was formerly known as Savannah Walkabout, and it is a one day eco-tour in You Yangs Regional Park. Each tour can hold up to a max number of 8 people. Visitors, who partake in this tour, can walk away with a better understanding and knowledge on the social life of the Koala bears, as well as their history. There are also other animals around in the park, and they are free to roam. Hence, you are required to adhere to the basic safety guidelines from your tour guide.

Using the tour for an educational experience

This is a great opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to have something common to indulge in. Through this one-day experience, they can learn the importance of preserving wildlife. Visitors who possess a different level of knowledge to this movement can rejoice as they will be assigned with an experienced wildlife guide. Visitors can interact with Koala bears that are not yet endangered, but have been declared as ‘vulnerable’. Take caution when you approach the Kangaroos as their instinct is to flee in your presence.

Safety precautions

Wild animals roam freely in the national park and it is important to slow down to prevent them from getting spooked or frightened. For example, Koala bears like to move from tree to tree and they have to descend onto the road to do that. Don’t try to grab them if you are inexperienced as they might defend vigorously, and may cause someone to get hurt. Of course, your guide will be around you, so seek their help when it is necessary.

Wild TourReviews from past visitors

The tour has since received many positive reviews and praises from their visitors, as they felt that their guides were very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly. Visitors can also travel light (a camera alone is sufficient) as they are provided with equipment such as a pair of binoculars each. Going on different days provide different experiences, and you may end up wanting a return trip!

Is travelling there inconvenient?

Most of the tours offer to pick their visitors up from their hotels, and ferry them back after the tour has been completed. Hence, check with your tour guide if your hotel is under their list of pick-up points. Otherwise, it is also easy to hire a chauffeured vehicle or service to transport you to and fro the site at an affordable rate.

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