4 Melbourne Tour Ideas For Senior Travellers

One of the greatest things about visiting Melbourne is that irrespective of what your needs are, you can always find a ton of attractions that you can indulge in. For instance, many seniors tend to find it very difficult to figure out what attractions to visit in most parts of the world. If you come to Melbourne, you will find numerous potential places to visit and things to do even if you are getting on with age. Some of these include:

WilliamstownTake a trip to Williamstown

One of the most relaxing things you can do is take a ferry to Williamstown. This is a very relaxing trip, and you will find a lot to do once you get to the town. This has what many consider as a village atmosphere, with lots of friendly people and a generally calm environment. Every second Sunday, there is a crafts market that is held in the town, which you can take advantage of to get some great souvenirs.

The Tramcar Restaurant

This is an interesting concept that will appeal to most people, whether they are seniors or not. Basically, this is a restaurant that is on a tram. You get to ride around the city as you enjoy some very good food and wine. It gives you the opportunity to do two things at once: sample the delicious cuisine while at the same time giving you an opportunity for sightseeing.

Visit the parks

There are a number of parks and gardens dotted around Melbourne, and most are usually very active especially during the weekends. You can indulge in concerts (some of which are free) and other forms of entertainment. Alternatively, you can simply soak in the beauty that most of the parks have to offer as you read a book or have a chat with a loved one.

Bike ridingBike riding

If you are interested in some physical activity that is not too straining, you can also opt to do some bike riding. Most of the designated bike paths are very sae, and there are many that are perfectly level. If you do this in some of the parks, you will also find that most of the paths are shaded, making it even more relaxing.

The one thing you can be sure of is that when you come to Melbourne as a senior, there is no shortage of things you can find suitable to do. To help sort out your logistics around the various attractions, you should consider getting a chauffeured minibus. These offer an extra degree of comfort compared to other public means of travel.



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