Top 4 Touring Tips For A Big Family In Melbourne

If you have a big family and are planning a trip to Melbourne, it’s important that you be a bit more careful with how you make your plans. Having a large family to deal with means that it might be harder to satisfy everyone, but this is by no means impossible. Some of the things you can do to make it happen include:

plan Plan everything in advance

Well, planning for things such as accommodation on short notice is easy when you are alone or when with a single partner. However, when you have a large         family, you are likely to end up either spending a lot more than you should have on this, or not finding the most ideal solutions to your problems. Planning the     essentials such as accommodation in advance will give you the opportunity to go through all the options at your disposal, helping you figure out the best to suit   your needs. You will get more value for money this way.

Rent a coach or minibus for your transport needs

Using public transport when you are alone for the first time in Melbourne can be enough of a headache. When you have a large group of people in tow, this can turn out to be very hectic. Renting a coach or a minibus ensures that you don’t have to go through this. You can use it for everything from airport transfers to visiting the various tourist attractions you are interested in. This is the most stress free way of organizing transport when you have a large family since everybody will be in one location.

Choose events that can provide fun for everyone

The beauty about most of the attractions in Melbourne is the fact that they cater to all age groups. However, it still makes sense for you to find out what a particular attraction has to offer before opting to visit it, just so that you can make sure that everyone will be entertained. Some good examples of this include the festivals that are usually held in Melbourne, most of which tend to be a lot of fun for all irrespective of their age groups. Outdoor activities and visits to historical sites also tend to have this effect.

happyRelax, don’t be too uptight

Of course, you might want things to run like clockwork when you are on a tour with your family. However, by simply aiming to have as much fun as possible rather than completing a checklist, you will find it easier to bond with the family and appreciate the holiday as well.


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