Melbourne To Adelaide | Go On A Minibus Road Trip

If you are planning to go on a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, then you are thinking in the right direction! Adelaide has lot to offer; it is full of beaches, parklands, vineyards and more than you can imagine. This is also the home to some of the top surfing beaches in Australia. And it is even more fun when you use a minibus hire service to go on a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide.

This way, you can stop at your pleasure to admire the charming buildings, the heritage streets and the public art that Adelaide prides in. This city is famous for its cultural heritage as well as active art scene, as some of the leading art galleries and museums are found here. Go on a road trip to Adelaide and enjoy some of the top attractions as highlighted below:


The Art Gallery of South Australia

One thing you need to know is that Adelaide is the home to several famous and budding art talents. This gallery hosts many art and cultural festivals throughout the year. It is located next to the SA Museum and displays collections that fall under the Australian, European, Asian categories. The best art collections are housed here.


The south Australian Museum

You may want to enrich your knowledge about the famous Aboriginal culture by taking a tour to the South Australian Museum. Adelaide boasts of this museum because it hosts some of the largest cultural displays in the world. Travellers who use minibus hire services to Adelaide have the opportunity to experience a range of exhibits such as the Footsteps of Mawson exhibition which displays artefacts that are related to one of the greatest explorers in Adelaide; Sir Douglas Mawson.


Adelaide-ZooAdelaide Zoo

Without an experience with Adelaide’s exotic wildlife, a trip to Australia won’t be complete. Adelaide zoo is the second oldest in Australia and is home to over eighteen hundred native animals. You will see the tammar wallaby, emu, red kangaroo, koala and the Australian Pelican. Southern hairy nosed wombat, yellow footed rock and the blue winged kookaburra also add to the list. And this zoo is also a home to animals that come from other regions. They include the giant panda, Sumatran tiger, African lion, giraffe and cheetah among many others.


Adelaide Hills

This is only thirty minutes from the CBD and is dotted with quaint villages and busy towns. You will see the Mounty Lofty Ranges that offer spectacular views across the city. Adelaide Hills is the home to the rich farmland and the unspoilt bush land and stretches from the Barossa in the north to the famous Kuipto Forest in the south.


Murray River   

This ancient and yet great river system is fed by tributaries across the Australian continent. You want to discover dramatic and beautiful Murray River with its unique fauna and flora, as well as the old riverside ports. Aboard a relaxing cruise, you will watch the river flowing past precipitous sandstone cliffs, vast wetlands and giant red-gums. Want to take a day trip on the Murray? Travel the same route that was used by the renowned paddle steamers. And if that is not enough, you can also enjoy other activities here. Canoeing, water skiing and taking a hike along the river banks are sure ways to give you lasting memories.


Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula is a favourite destination for the Australians and it is a perfect place to enjoy wine, culture, food, beaches and national parks. Want to go on a wine tasting tour? Then you can take advantage of this place; it has over sixty cellar door wineries, so you will only be spoiled of options. The weekend markets and the old little roadside stalls sell fresh produce, so you have the opportunity to buy seasonal produce that the Mediterranean climate in the region has made possible.


The Barossa

This is one of the most scenic touring destinations in South Australia, and it is where the European heritage lives on. Visit the Barossa today and you will discover a destination filled with luxury retreats, award winning wines and panoramic views. In fact, The Barossa is also known as the wine capital because it features over 80 cellar doors, and is only an hour’s drive from the CBD. Some of the oldest wines are found here, so you can taste everything that comes your way. And Barossa has a strong food heritage; try the cafes around there and you don’t want to stop!


Adelaide-Botanic-GardenAdelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden is located at the north corner of the CBD and encompasses a fenced garden and Botanic Park. It features some of the top attractions such as a rose garden, a Victorian glasshouse, historic buildings, artworks and a bicentennial conservatory. You will be provided with a free guided tour of the Adelaide Botanic Garden. The Wisteria crowned walkways here are a great way to enjoy the serene atmosphere and walking through them would be a great activity for travellers using a minibus hire to travel from Melbourne to Adelaide.


Migration Museum

There is a rich history about migrating communities in Adelaide. In fact, Adelaide is the only major city that does not have history of convict settlements in Australia. This museum tells lots of stories of the migratory communities through historical objects and other artefacts. As a traveller, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to discover the way an asylum of Adelaide’s destitute has been turned into a magnificent depository of historic articles.


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is full of fascinating wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. A ferry will take about forty five minutes to get you to this internationally celebrated Island for its pristine wildlife and wilderness, as well as a thriving wine and food industry. Some of the wildlife to be seen here include penguin, sea lions, kangaroos, wallabies, echidna and the koalas. Apart from the wildlife, you also have the opportunity to enjoy some award winning wines at the local wineries. And recreation on the Kangaroo Island is as electrifying and varied as its produce and wildlife. There are activities such as snorkelling, swimming, surfing, kayaking, bushwalking, caving, sand boarding and more!

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