Intimo Lingerie

Intimo Head Office:

1/344 Lorimer Street
Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3207

Telephone: 03 9645 9939


Located in fashionable Flinders Lane in Melbourne, Intimo Lingerie was founded in the 70’s by Sue Whyte. She began by revolutionising Australian women’s fashion including childrenswear.

Intimo was founded in 1995 by Sue Whyte with a mission to give a highly personalised service and to give product design and innovation to the Australian woman.

Today Intimo is recognised as one of the leading lingerie brands in the whole of Australasia. The company now employs over 50 staff and has nearly 2,000 consultants. The range of lingerie on offer is quite unique that continually evolves, expands and grows. Sue’s mission is to bring the dignity of a well fitting bra, personal fulfillment and professional pride to women everywhere.



Intimo works closely with a small band of handpicked suppliers that form a partnership and a close working relationship. Intimo actually sends their Lingerie Stylists to visit their suppliers in China on a regular basis to ensure the the production process is exactly as it should be.

The Stylists check for everything from production techniques to quality control and product development. This hands on supervision ensures the continuity of quality supply for all Intimo garments.


Intimo Range

Apart from new releases the Intimo range comprises of; Intimo Lingerie, the Boutique Collection, the Foundation Collection, Intimo Bras, Intimo Briefs and Loungewear.


Intimo Stylists

Intimo offer a program for women to join the company as a Stylist and to pursue a career with the company.

It is very much an opportunity for ambitious ladies to cement a career to fit in with their own lifestyles. Hours, times and places of employment are optional but the company gives guidance and training in how to succeed.

Intimo is committed in providing quality training and to give all the resources a potential new stylist may need, this is ongoing to develop personal growth and personal development.

The company holds quarterly Showcases in Melbourne and also Aukland to provide their stylists education on new lines and designs and also workshops to develop and participate in.

Alongside the Showcases, Intimo conducts two major conferences. Stylists are encouraged to network with their peers from all over Australia and New Zealand in a series of lectures and practical demonstrations.

There is a continual program for Stylists to develop their product knowledge online so that they can give the assistance needed in; measuring and fitting, body shape styling and understanding the technical functions of each bra.


Party Hosting

One of the most effective ways of Stylists to sell their products is by hosting a party. One of the big benefits of doing so is that it is a highly personal and intimate service, especially important in the world of women’s lingerie fashion.

It gives the Stylist the opportunity for one-on-one care in the relaxing ambience of the customers own home or central location. This is something that is not available in a department store and brings practical help to the customer. As an incentive to host a party Intimo have a special range of vouchers and discounts exclusive to an Intimo Hostess.


Intimo Aware

One of the things that sets Intimo apart from normal run of the mill clothing manufacturer is the Intimo Aware program. It is a community program dedicated to raising awareness and the understanding of subjects relevant to women.

The Intimo Aware mission statement is; Together we are inspiring women to make a difference. Everyday, Always. Intimo have focussed on three key areas for their program; domestic violence, breast examinations and the Uplift Project.

Their domestic violence program is named End The Silence, it is designed to bring awareness of the plight of women that have undergone physical violence in their life.

Intimo believes that one of the biggest contributors to domestic violence is silence. And that it is their duty to raise awareness of this issue and to highlight the support structure and services that are freely available to aid and assist.

Be Breast Aware is the slogan given to their breast examinations program. Intimo provides an effective channel for communication to raise early detection of breast cancer.

Project Uplift is a unique program that supplies bras to women all over Fiji and other Pacific Island countries where women do not have access to bras.

Intimo has grown rapidly into one of Australia’s leading lingerie brands, it’s public conscience sets it apart from many of it’s competitors.