Top Wedding Car Colours To Choose

Once upon a time there were no choices for the colour of your wedding car. From the time cars came on the scene right up until the mid 1970s the only choice for a wedding car was a black car. This is what makes black the classic go to colour. Nothing ever looks bad with black as it goes with everything, however in the 1970s people began to have a choice. This was when white wedding cars first came on the scene. Now brides were able to choose from either black or white depending on their personal preferences.

Today there are far more colours to choose from for the big day. Now it is common to see black, white, silver, pink, champagne and others. Each colour will give its own unique charm to your event. Mixing and matching of cars for the bride and groom and for the wedding party can be a fun way to accessorise every detail of your day. We encourage you to visit Melbourne Chauffeur Driven Limousines and Buses before your big day so that you can choose the appropriate car in the right colour for your event.

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Every newlywed would like their wedding car to stand out from the crowd and be the centre of everyone’s attention. Decorations, flowers and ribbons certainly play a big part in beautifying the car but no factor plays a bigger part than the colour of the car itself. It is therefore crucial to pick a colour that is appealing and can make the car stand out with the least amount effort possible. There are a few colours that are tried and tested to be a definite hit with your friends and family. Here are six of them:


Black wedding cars will always be a popular choice among newlyweds, black is after all the original and most classic of all choices. Black evokes power and importance and makes it clear that the wedding car should be the car that everybody should look out for, exactly what every newlywed wants! Black is also elegant and stylish and is a great choice of colour for wedding cars. Pair the colour black with a limo or a stylish sedan and you have a winning combination in your hands. Making the main car black and then accenting with another colour for the wedding party will make the black car stand out even more.



Yes, we know that pink is a less commonly used colour for wedding cars but it is a colour that is sure to make a chic statement. It captures the attention of every onlooker in a way that no other colour is able to achieve. The colour pink goes really well with the wedding ceremony as it symbolizes love and affection. Pink evokes a feeling of shyness in the newlyweds and is a colour that is loved by many. Pink is also used to represent personality types that are charming, gentle, and artistic.


The colour silver is sleek, sexy, and refined. It can easily compliment either a modern or classic style wedding and is a perfect accent to nearly all other colours. Silver is distinguished and elegant and is often associated with nature, earth, responsibility, and organisation. Silver is glamorous and when paired with black the elegance is bountiful.


Then there is the colour of celebration. Nothing says party quite like a champagne coloured car on your wedding day. The golden hue of the champagne coloured limo also symbolises wealth and fortune, good health, joy, and relaxation, it is also closely related to the brightness and cheerfulness of the colour yellow.


Blue wedding cars are slowly but surely increasing in popularity among newlywed couples. Blue is an attractive colour and portrays calmness and smoothness. It goes lovely with a wedding by the sea, not the mention the old adage, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” Well in a blue wedding car you will have the blue element 100% taken care of.  It is a colour that most people like and it looks really good on wedding cars. Did I mention that it is a great combination to pair it up with bouquets of roses?


Whereas once black was seen as the go to colour for wedding cars that is now said about the colour white. The colour white is often seen on wedding cars and it is easy to justify why. White is a stark contrast to the sea of black cars and makes it stand out from the crowd. A white limo or sedan is sure to turn heads as it is graceful, stylish and modern. White also symbolizes purity and is what every newlywed’s love to portray. White wedding cars also fit in really well with the flowers, tulles and ribbons, it is adorned with.

If you have a preferred colour for your wedding car or limo, do let us know and we can help you “pass” the wedding in flying colours!


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