Top 5 Choices For Wedding Cars In Melbourne

Wedding cars are definitely a necessity for any wedding ceremony. They ferry the wedding couple to and fro their various destinations in the most stylish and comfortable manner. A good wedding car brings out the best in the wedding duo and makes them stand out from the crowd. Here are the top 5 choices for wedding cars that are available for rent in Melbourne.

Rolls-RoyceRolls Royce

The epitome of luxury, Rolls Royce cars are definitely the best choice for anyone, who is willing to splurge and would like only the very best on their wedding day. Rolls Royce car choices are aplenty; Silver Wraith, the Silver Dawn, the Silver Could and the Silver Stretch Limo are just some of the available choices. Rest assured that each model of Rolls Royce offers the same premium experience! Leather interiors, smooth engines, experienced chauffeurs are just some of the privileges that the wedding duo can enjoy when renting a Rolls Royce sedan.


The Bentley has always been a common choice for wedding couples and it is easy to see why. It has a definitive style of elegance and grace that few other car brands are able to offer. The timeless and classic feel of a Bentley is sought after by many and is certainly a sight to behold. A polished walnut veneer on the exterior coupled with plush leather interiors are just some of what Bentley sedans can offer and the lucky individuals will definitely thank themselves for making such a choice.


Jaguar have always been the talk of the town and is certainly a brand that many respect and look up to. It is no surprise that Jaguar sedans live up to their reputation as a wedding car. Watch heads turn as they admire the plush leather interior and audacious curves on the exterior chassis, and revel in knowing that you are definitely the star of the night. The car has succeeded in bringing out the best in everyone!


Mercedes sedans have long been the mark of quality and prestige, and they continue to live up to their reputation. Striking a great balance between price and quality, Mercedes sedans have a unique style and design that no other brands can match. Wedding duos in Melbourne should strongly consider Mercedes sedans as the choice for their wedding car, knowing that they are choosing a brand that has hundreds of years of experience and heritage.


Chevy sedans are an increasing popular choice for wedding cars due to their affordability, as well as their appealing looks. Chevy sedans have a classic and comfortable feel and are available in many colours.

I am sure that you will find your preferred choice for a wedding car in this list, when you are looking into hiring the services of a wedding limo in Melbourne!

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