Super Fun Melbourne Day Tour Attractions

Got a group of kids you need to entertain for an entire day? Want to keep them out of your hair, but don’t have enough video game system controllers, or just don’t fancy the idea of having a few dozen pairs of tiny muddy boots messing up your carpets? Don’t stress, Melbourne Chauffeur Driven Limousines and Buses has you covered – pile the rugrats into one of our minibuses and we’ll take them to some of Melbourne’s best locations to keep them entertained, educated, excited and hopefully too tired to be any bother once we are on the way home. Yes, you have to come along!


Here are some places the kids will love, and you’ll love accompanying them.


Melbourne’s Best Kid-Friendly Tour Attractions

AUSTRALIAN-SHARK-AND-RAY-CENTREAustralian Shark and Ray Centre

You know what’s better than petting a shark? It’s a trick question. There is absolutely nothing better than petting a shark. What possibly could be? Don’t worry, the well-trained staff of the shark and ray centre are certified one hundred percent supervillain-free, and they haven’t fed a single child to the sharks in over three weeks. If you want to pet a 300 kilogram ray or feed a three metre long shark, this is the place to go. Watching kids’ eyes go wide and light up when they have the chance to do so is just priceless. The centre is a true gem – a place where kids will enjoy themselves, and you might just feel like a kid again, yourself.


Open everyday from 9am -5pm. Corner of Progress Street and Princess Highway Dandenong South


Old Melbourne Gaol

The Old Melbourne Gaol is not a misspelled soccer museum, it is an original Melbourne correctional institution, aka penitentiary, preserved as a crime and punishment museum. This is the perfect place to take a rowdy group of kids as an object lesson in the concept of every action having a consequence. You might could bribe a guard to convince them they’ll be staying for longer than the day tour takes, if you catch my meaning. This is a fantastic place to hear the story of Ned Kelly or, for a group of morbid youngsters in a halloween mood, check out the crime and punishment experience tour which has a focus on the methods of ‘correction’ used at the jail back before prisoners rights were a thing. Older kids coming with you? Go after dark and see the place by candlelight. That might even be a bit too eerie for you yourself.


Melbourne-ZooMelbourne Zoo

If you find a group of kids that doesn’t love the Melbourne Zoo, we’d like to nominate you for a prize. It’s called the ‘incredibly improbable award’ and it conveys absolutely no benefits or considerations whatsoever. With over 250 species on the zoo grounds, you’re guaranteed to fulfill every kids’ favorite animal requirements. I can’t do the place any greater justice than the following description from their website. Definitely put the zoo on your ‘must take the kids to’ list. You can even use it as a reward for sportsmanship for their football team or extra effort in class. Sure as heck beats a pizza party!


From the website:


Stroll through lush Asian and African rainforests, Australian bushland and even underwater! Walk where tigers roam and monkeys swing from tree to tree. See eye-to-eye with Orang-utans in their special elevated exhibit, explore the Trail of Elephants, then head down the bush track to see unique Australian wildlife including koalas, kangaroos, wombats and emus. Submerge yourself in their underwater world to see Victoria’s iconic Little Penguins and Australian Fur Seals.


There is something new to see and do each season at Melbourne Zoo. The new Lion Gorge experience will have you come face-to-face with the magnificent African Lion bachelor group. Lion presentations are daily at 1.20pm, when three lion brothers share lunch. In the experience you will also see the new African Wild Dog pack settling into their new home, as well as be amazed by the critically endangered Philippines Crocodile.


Let the kids free at Growing Wild, a world-first exhibit focused on creating play opportunities and nurturing an early love of nature. The exhibit is filled with animals, sculptures, tunnels and sounds, so kids can scramble, crawl, climb or stand look-out like a meerkat. See the irresistible Ring-tailed Lemurs up close inside Melbourne Zoo’s walk-through Lemur Island exhibit! This new multi-million dollar experience is designed to bring visitors and lemurs together in the same space, getting you closer to the lemurs than ever before.


With all that Melbourne has to offer a group of miniature humans with too much energy, there’s no reason not to pile them into a minibus and head off on a fun adventure. Let Melbourne Chauffeur Driven Limousines and Buses lend a helping hand. You’ll be glad you did!


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