Steps To Take For Booking A Wedding Car

A wedding car is essential for every wedding and it serves mainly to ferry the newlyweds from their homes and to their wedding location. Proper planning and arrangements have to be taken to prevent any last minute problems and issues from arising. Here are 5 steps you can follow to make your wedding car booking process, an easy and smooth one.

Booking-A-Wedding-Car-1Do your research

Always do ample research before choosing an actual car. There are many types of wedding vehicles that are available, as well as different wedding packages. Do pick one that suits your needs and budget. A car rental company may charge a flat rate (per day) while another company may charge hourly rates instead. Some coach companies offer discounted rates for rental durations that exceed 8 hours. Decide on what you really need and work from there without any assumptions!

Decide on your choice of car

This is the next step to take to choose your ride. A sedan offers the best balance of price to quality while a limo offers the most extravagant and luxurious experience. It is recommended to pick one that allows you to stay within your budget too.

Confirm the date and duration

Proceed to confirm the date and the duration of your wedding car booking once you have confirmed on the choice of a particular car. Do book early and liaise with the rental company as soon as possible so that proper arrangements can be made in advance. Take note to confirm and clarify any issues that you do not understand, to avoid any case of miscommunication. For example, inquire whether the final price of the booking includes the chauffeur’s tips.

Booking-A-Wedding-Car-2Discuss on the possibility of adding decorations

Renting just a wedding car by itself will not make you stand out from the crowd or be in the spotlight. You may want to add some decorations to the rental car, but do receive clearance from the car rental company beforehand. If possible, reveal your decoration plans to the rental company for them to make the appropriate arrangements. It is their car after all.

Call a week before the wedding to ensure everything is finalized

It is crucial to call the rental company at least a week before the wedding. This to ensure that everything is finalized, as well as to prevent any last minute confusion such as an incident whereby the chauffeur drives to the wrong location. It is better to be safe than sorry!


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