Questions To Ask When Getting A Wedding Car

Anyone who has been involved in a wedding, either as the couple or the planner, has been faced with numerous challenges pertaining the wedding. A good wedding needs prior planning, to avoid any mishaps on the big day. One area that requires attention is the choice of wedding car. These are a central part of the wedding as they carry the entire bridal party and the grooms. The following questions are common among wedding planners and may act as an important guide in your run-up to the big day.

A-Wedding-CarHow many wedding cars can we book?

It helps to get the precise number of people in the bridal party. A small number means that you will need fewer cars. A large party may call for more cars or one large car or bus altogether. It is important that the whole entourage travels together to avoid looking disorganized and the resultant confusion.

How much money do we need?

Hiring a car to a wedding proves costly to most people, especially if you wish to show up at the venue in a classic or high-end car. It would help to ask a friend or relative with a good car to rent it out to you at a lower cost, which is reliable. Thus any money that would otherwise be used in hiring a car is channelled to other needs. In addition, the relative could also double up as your driver, and save you from incurring chauffeur costs.

What kind of transport is available?

This depends on your preferred mode of transport. You may choose between a vintage classic car, retro car, campervan, vintage bus or horse-drawn carriage. Make sure to match your wedding car to your wedding theme.

How do we transport our guests?

It is cheaper and more convenient to hire a coach for your guests if the ceremony takes place in two distant locations. This saves time of movement between venues. At times, there may be limited parking space at the wedding venues, in which case a single coach would solve the problem.

How many seats does the car have?

Again, this goes with the issue of the number of cars available. A stretch limo may be spacious enough for the entire entourage. However, some people might prefer to have the bride and groom travel in a 2-seater car, separate from the entourage. Your needs and preferences will guide you to make the best choice.

A-Wedding-CarHow can we get a discount for a wedding car?

Most wedding car companies offer discounts to clients who hire more than one car from their company. It is therefore advisable to engage a company that will provide most or all the transport services to maximize the discount. Ask for references from friends on the best and most reliable companies.

What is the order of arrival to the wedding ceremony and reception?

The ushers ordinarily travel first to get the venue ready. Then the guests follow, and take their seats. The groom and best man arrive, followed by the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. The last to arrive should be the bride and her father. When leaving for the reception, the newlyweds leave first followed by the bridal party and the guests leave last.

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