Melbourne For Seniors: Top Attractions And Activities

Seniors who are in their golden years after their retirement usually travel to get a taste of the big wide world which they could not do when they were younger and busy working. There are many places in Melbourne which are suitable for the appreciation of the elderly but there are certain places where seniors can certainly enjoy more in Melbourne. Melbourne is a great option besides Canberra, the capital of Australia, because of the versatility that Melbourne offers in being both a busy city and a beautiful place to enjoy the scenery.

When you are planning a trip for seniors in Melbourne, remember that one of the key things that you need to cater for them is to leave a lot of free time in between the itinerary so that they have ample time to rest and explore on their own. Seniors would not like to go on a tour with a packed schedule especially if they are travelling after their retirement to take a break and just relax.

In this post, we have compiled places in Melbourne which are perfect for elderly and seniors to travel to and appreciate, so read on to find out more about them!


Phillip-IslandPhillip Island

This is a great place for just relaxing and chilling. Phillip Island is known for a lot more than just its penguin parade. You can appreciate the natural wildlife of Australia here by taking a simple tour down in just one direction, and you can see all the wallabies and other animals that are usually found in the country.

Even if you miss out on the penguin parade, one thing to not miss out on is the Koala Centre. The Koala centre is really affordable to get in to and you have refreshments and resting areas inside for you to take a break. And the Koalas are just too adorable to pass this on!


Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria market is the largest open air market in the South since the 1850s, and it has still not lost its popularity to anywhere else. It is a great tourist location and people of all ages truly enjoy this place. This market sells a lot of items like fresh produce, meat, breads, cheese and also packed food items and souvenirs.

For elders travelling on their retirement trip, they would definitely need to buy back a lot of small items as gifts for their children and grandchildren, so this place would be a great place to stop over at during their Melbourne trip.

But do bear in mind that the Queen Victoria Market is not open every day and they have specific opening hours for weekends and weekdays. Do check this up before you plan to make you trip there to avoid any inconvenience for yourself and your elderly travellers!


Great Ocean Road

This place may come as a trip of a lifetime for many people. Great Ocean Road is where the Twelve Apostles lie and basically those who travel to this area take a long road trip down to enjoy the view of both the mountains and sea before reaching their destination. It is an ideal place for elderly to visit in Melbourne because there is not much moving by foot they would need to do.

If you can get a chartered bus or van service to take your group of elders on this tour then they can talk to their partners and friends while sitting down and enjoying the views of this gorgeous place. The tours are slightly cheaper if you opt for the option without food, so perhaps you can take a tour with packed lunch to cut some cost.


Royal Botanic Gardens

This place is ideal for taking a stroll while the seniors can recall their memories and life stories with their partners and friends. The Royal Botanic Gardens is filled with lovely sights of flowers, plants and trees. They also have great sculptures of many iconic people like Hercules in this place.

Each sculpture comes with a small description of who sculpted them and also gives you a short history about that piece. The best part is that these sculptures are not barricaded off from public touching and photo-taking, so you can get really up close and personal with these sculptures.


Crown-CasinoCrown Casino

Here, we are dealing with not children, not young adults who should not splurge their money, but with wise and old seniors who have a nice bottle of savings to spend it on fun before they retire in a country proper. This is why the Casino is something they should not miss on their trip. The Crown Casino is the largest casino of the south and has nearly endless rows and columns of slot machines and gaming tables that one can never get sick of.

Other that gaming there are also lots of other stuff to do there. There is a movie theatre, bars, and restaurants with live bands, laser tag and even a bowling alley! So if your seniors get bored of gambling they still have lots of options to move around with in the Crown Casino.

Since this is a casino, remember that dress code might be of importance. Your seniors do not need to come dressed like they are CEOs, but they have to look neat and professional. Smart casual wear with no Bermudas or flip-flops would a great tip to follow through with.


Cooks Cottage

If you have seniors who have showed much interest in Captain Cook and his extensive sea voyages, then this is a place to go to learn more about him and the history. You can learn more about him and his epic sea voyages with the help of those working here to tell you the stories. The cook’s cottage was actually built in the Village of Great Ayton in Yorkshire in 1755.

To get the cottage transported to Australia, every brick and stone had to be dismantled carefully to be reassembled in Australia and it took them 253 boxes and 40 crates to transport the items across. It was then rebuilt in Fitzroy Gardens in 1934.

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