How To Decorate A Wedding Car

A wedding car should be the prettiest and most eye-catching vehicle in any wedding ceremony. After all, it is the main mode of transportation for the bride and groom. Most people fear that the decorative process of a wedding car would be challenging task to undertake and may be something that they have to brood over, until a perfect plan is hatched. Not to worry! This article will show you just how easy it is to decorate your wedding car, in the quickest and most efficient ways!

Decorate-A-Wedding-CarWhy is it a good idea to let the bride and groom decorate the car?

This allows the newlyweds to decorate the car to their own liking and prevents the occurrence of an unpleasant surprise, if it is done by someone else. Decorating the wedding car on your own can ensure that you will have control over the whole process but if you have the chance to hire a reputable wedding provider, you can also count on them to perform the decorations as per your instructions.

Decorating the windows

The windows of a wedding car can be decorated with window markers. You can use them to scribble a lovely message on a window of your choice; it is very easy to wash away the hand written graphics after the ceremony or at the end of the day. Tulle can also be tied to the windows in long sashes. The tulles can be twisted into long bows and added to each corners of the car too. They are considered to be very affordable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Decorating the back bumper

A bouquet or bow of flowers can be added to the back bumper of the wedding car and it will certainly increase its overall appeal. A bouquet made up of a few different types of flowers or a bow made up of a single type of rose works equally well.

Decorating the car hood

A large bouquet can be tied to the front of the car hood with silk string. Some wedding florists offer wedding packages and they can assist in attaching the chosen bouquet to your car. A small bouquet can also be added to the back end of your wedding car.

Decorate-A-Wedding-CarAdding in the extras

The car can also be covered in rose petals for a glamorous and beautiful look, or they can be attached to silk scarfs so that they will not fly away when the car is moving. A “just married” sign can also be placed at the back of the car to add on to its aesthetic value. Try tying ribbons to each of your each door handles or attach a red scarf can to your car’s antenna! It is possible to decorate a car that is rented from a coach company. Do discuss with your respective car rental companies on this matter thoroughly before the actual commencement.

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