Going On A Melbourne Tour? Don’t Miss Out On The Chance Of A Wine Tour In Yarra Valley

If you are going to spend some time in Melbourne as a tourist, one of the activities that you should definitely take part in is the Yarra Valley wine tour. Regardless whether you are a fine wine connoisseur or not, you are likely to find such a trip not only illuminating, but also a lot of fun as well. Most people who go on the tour also find that it’s very relaxing as well.

yarra valleyA little background information

The Yarra Valley wine tour was started in 1992, and has since then grown to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. The tour mainly involves driving you to various wineries in the region, where you get to sample various types of wine and food.

Use the tour as your hen night event

If you are thinking of an interesting way to host a hen night, you could also use this tour as a way to get it done in style. You can rent a chauffeured vehicle to take you to the tour where you and the rest of your girlfriends can enjoy the wines and foods, as is the case with a regular tour. However, you can also arrange for activities such as baby showers, sky diving packages, spa packages and even shopping as part of the tour. The fact that most people don’t think of this as a hen night activity will give it an air of exclusivity.

How inconvenient is it in terms of logistics?

The fact that this involves going to a farm might make you think that you will need to spend a lot of time and money on the tour. However, the Yarra Valley wineries are not so far off from Melbourne, which makes it conceivable to simply go there in the morning and get back in the evening. The infrastructure to the farms is in good condition, so you won’t even find yourself spending a lot time getting there. Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area, most car hire firms will provide chauffeured services to the wineries at reasonable rates which also make it cheap.

Yarra ValleyWhat other people have to say

Well, most people who visit the Yarra Valley for the wine tour often finds the trip to be very good value for money. Not only do you learn a lot about how to make some of the best wine and beer, you also get to indulge in very good food and drink as well. Plan your next trip to the valley, and chances are that you will want to visit it again in the future!

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