Dress Up Your Wedding Car In A Memorable Way

A wedding is never complete without decorations. When you think about a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is colourful bands, clothes, flowers, glitter, confetti and balloons. Colour is a key component to a wedding as it signifies life, pomp, glamour, splendour and happiness. One of the most decorated pieces of the wedding is the wedding car. Indeed, it is very easy to identify a wedding car on a car-lined street owing to the decoration done on it.

Many people prefer to decorate the wedding car themselves, it being an easy task. However, others prefer to enlist the services of an expert who may be more experienced in design techniques and matching of colours, especially for a wedding with a specific colour theme. Decorating a wedding car is also one way of honouring the newlyweds. Here are some of the best ways to decorate the wedding cars:

Wedding-CarWindow markers

These are used to write messages on the car for the bride and groom. They are often made of liquid chalk to make the messages more noticeable from afar. These messages are displayed on the windows, rear hood and on the doors. Write in clear, large letters to make it easy to read. The words may be ‘Just Married’ or ‘Happily Ever After’.


These give the car a bubbly feel and are the cheapest and most readily available option. They do not require much expertise to make but it takes a keen eye to pick appropriate colours and shapes. Heart-shaped balloons are the best choice and are hung all over the sides to grab attention. Some people even stuff the bridal car with balloons to create fun as the bride struggles to get out.


You have a choice between fresh flowers and synthetic silk flowers. Fresh flowers are traditionally made into a bouquet and attached to the hood of the car. They are however delicate and may wither in hot weather and fade. Silk flowers are a better choice as they withstand harsh weather and are cheaper.


This is a cheap and easy way to create colour with common materials. These include crème paper streamers that come in all colour shades. Toilet paper is at times used, but it is not colourful and may be messy in case of rainy weather. You can also choose metallic streamers that glitter in the sunshine and are unaffected by rain. Make streamers into a big bow or stick them on rear-view mirrors, antenna and door handles.

Wedding CarLicense plates

Souvenir license plate frames are a permanent way to make a couple’s big day. Most plates read ’Just Married’ and are easily available in novelty and gift shops. You can even be more specific and engrave the plates with the couple’s first names and initials. These plates are fixed on the front of the car or the rear window.


A fair knowledge in computer graphic design is needed to make a beautiful sign for a wedding car. You could use glitter, paper and paint to write them by hand. Write fun messages such as ‘Stop, Wedding in Progress’ or attach pictures of the couple. Attach these signs to the car windows or hood and pimp up your ride in a fun way!






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