Coming Soon: Concerts That Music Fans In Melbourne Should Know About

If you intend to tour Melbourne in the near future, chances are that you will want to make the experience unforgettable. Rather than simply focusing on the cliché activities such as visiting the parks and historic sites, you can also decide to indulge in your hobbies as well. Melbourne has a thriving music industry, and there are a number of great bands that are based in the city as well. This means that if you are interested in music, you can also include taking part in some of the music-based events in the city as part of your trip. Some of the music events you should definitely think of attending include:


A-State-of-TranceA State of Trance

If you are a fan of trance music, chances are that you are familiar with the work of Armin van Buuren. This event will be held on the weekend of 6th February at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne. Given the fact that trance music has become very popular, attending this event is likely to be a lot of fun for you not only due to the fact that you will enjoy the music, but that you will also get to meet a lot of people who like it as well. If you are not familiar with trance music, you can use this opportunity to learn more about it. If you are into energetic music, you will likely enjoy it immensely!


Jess Heiser’s Launch of ‘The Meaning of Life’

Jess Heiser is one of the most talented singers and songwriters in this region. A testimony to this is the fact that she has won three international music awards. She is scheduled to release her LP ‘The Meaning of Life’ on the 25th of January at Bar 303 in Northcote, Melbourne. Entry is only $10, and there will be support acts by artistes such as Ivy Fox and Andrew Loadsman.

If you will be around Melbourne at this time and are interested in enjoying excellent entertainment and excellent music, you should consider making plans to attend this launch. It will give you the opportunity to get in touch with an artiste who is growing internationally, and will also expose you to good music that is not exactly mainstream.


The John Sevens Acoustic Sessions

This is an Australia Day Eve concert that will be held on the 25th of January starting at 6 pm at the Melbourne Public Bar and Restaurant. John Sevens is an artiste who has been active for a number of years and has toured many countries in this capacity. This event gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of his acoustic music.

The fact that the music is soothing yet energetic makes the event ideal for when you want to have some fun, but not necessarily be exposed to too much energy. Some of the supporting acts during the event include Tim Rizzoli and DJ Scotty. You can also sign up for some of the dinner packages which will be provided during the event.

Seeing as the event might end late at night, you should consider hiring a coach to get there. This will make it easier for you to shuttle to and from the venue without having to use public transport, something that most people visiting Melbourne for the first time might not be interested in.


3MBS Brahms Marathon

If you are a fan of classical music, then attending the Brahms Marathon is likely to be a good idea. You can get all day passes from $99.75, or a single session ticket at $20. The marathon will be split into 7 sessions that will be two hours long each. It has attracted a large number of participants including vocal artists, piano quintets, fugue artists and so many more. Some of the country’s most renowned classical music performers including Kristian Chong, David Griffiths and the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra are slated to perform during the event. It will start on the 22nd of February from 9 am to 11 pm at the Hawthorn Arts Center.


A Musical Valentine

Are you likely to be in Melbourne over Valentine’s Day and are interested in celebrating the day with music? Signing up for the Musical Valentine would be one of the best ways for you to do this. The performances will be done by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and will be held on the night of 14th February. Some of the performances that are scheduled include pieces by Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Gershwin and Ravel. It will be held at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. So, get your love groove on and make your Valentine’s Day special this yeat!


All That Tuesdays

This is an event that is held on every Tuesday at the Berlin Bar on 16 Corrs Lane. It aims to bring together different artistes from around the region, who are then required to perform according to the theme on that particular Tuesday. This is an excellent event for those who not only need to enjoy fresh new music, but those who are also interested in meeting new people as well. You will also get the opportunity to try out a number of innovative cocktails as well.


Angus-and-Julia-StoneAngus and Julia Stone

Angus and Julia stone will be performing at the Margaret Court Arena on the 27th of February. The duet is known to produce excellent dreamy harmonies, which makes it a perfect concert to attend with a few loved ones.

These are just some of the musical events you can opt for in Melbourne which are coming up soon. The fact is that at any one time, there will be more than one of such events happening, and you might be troubled over the issue of logistics during your travel. If you are travelling with a group, you should consider hiring a coach bus or a mini bus, which will give you the opportunity to attend more than one of these events with a lot of ease. Whether you will be in Melbourne for business or pleasure, you will definitely find that these music events will add beautiful rhythm to your entire trip!

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