Choosing A Special Vehicle For Your Wedding

Many people would tell you that your wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. You not only get to transit from one stage of life to the next, but you also get to spend a whole day with your loved ones in celebration. To many, weddings call for extravagant spending on all the fine things in life, while others prefer to carry it out quietly and modestly.

Whichever your preference, you want to do something memorable that will linger in people’s memories for a long time. One way to do this is by picking the right wedding vehicle that will be your means of travel to the wedding venue, especially if the ceremony will take place in different locations. There is a wide range of vehicles from which you can choose – from the wacky to the unique and everything in between.

A bicycle for twoA bicycle for two

When you want to escape the torturous wait in traffic jams that are the norm in the city, you can hop onto a bicycle that is specially made for two people. A bicycle can weave its way round stationary traffic and is fun to ride. You can hang bouquets of flowers on the pedals to show that this is no ordinary bike ride around town.

Retro car

To display a sense of creativity, you can choose to break away from the traditional luxury sedan ordinarily used to transport the bridal party. A retro car is always a favourite option, which gives a wedding a touch of timeless elegance and class. A retro car is basically a modern car technologically, but still resembles past cars. It is a unique choice that will sure turn heads and make the bridal party stand out.


At times, a car does not provide the space needed to accommodate a large bridal party. In this case, you can take the retro-sense a notch higher and opt for a large, roomy and colourful caravan. It is also less costly while retaining a touch of class. A campervan instantly draws attention to a bridal party and represents a break from the conventional tiny cars.

Vintage busesVintage buses

This is considered the option of the adventurous bride, due to the sheer size of a bus. More often, these can accommodate the entire bridal party and still have room for any items needed for a wedding. Vintage buses are often double-decker buses and may even be decorated with colourful bands in the theme of the wedding.

Tractors and trailers

By and by, we are starting to experience farm and field weddings staged in barns and with the bride in boots and a coat. A country-themed wedding cannot be complete without a large tractor or trailer carrying the bride and her party. This is a lasting statement as it represents a blend of culture, both modern and classical.

By public transport

If you are having a wedding on a shoe-string budget, why not go for public transport? This may sound absurd to most people being that your day is shared by strangers, but it gives a sense of uniqueness and adventure. You can hop onto a taxi, bus or pram in your wedding gear and set off for the altar.

If the above-mentioned choices are too wacky for your liking or too expensive, sticking with a limousine for your wedding vehicle will be a safe choice. It’s your special day so choose what works for you!







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