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Ernst & Young is a multinational professional services firm based in London. It is one of the leading four companies in the audit world and comes third behind PwC and Deloitte worldwide by aggregated revenue.

Ernst and Young has over 200,000 employees in over 700 offices around 150 countries in the world. It services include; assurance (including financial audit), tax, consulting and advisory services to companies.

Founded in 1849 in England, the current firm was formed by a merger of Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young & Co in 1989.


EY offer a complete range of financial services for today’s modern businesses, they include:

  • Assurance

Globally the journey to success is governed by increasingly complex and broadening regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands. Strong independent assurance provides critical information for investors and other stakeholders.

  • Tax

A successful tax function is the cornerstone for a strong reporting foundation and critical planning to help growth potential. Tax strategies are important aligned with your business drivers, built on effective compliance and open, transparent reporting.

  • Advisory

EY can help you to improve the performance and effectiveness of your business by examining everything from core management and processes to future directions, planning and opportunities for growth.

  • Transactions

Most companies focus on moving their business along with market drivers thus sustaining performance and building on their achievements. EY helps to improve the performance and effectiveness of the business by examining everything from core management and business processes to future directions and growth opportunities.


The global presence and diversity of services have grown EY business in a vast plethora of industries.

Their expertise and experience is acknowledged and respected across the globe, the following listings are the industries that EY have in-depth knowledge of: Agribusiness, Automotive and Transportation, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Government and Public Sector, Health, Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Mining and Metals, Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Private Enquiries, Real Estate, Technology and Telecoms.

Market Knowledge and Insight

Outside market influences constantly affect your business, issues are persistently demanding attention such as; volatile markets, regulation changes and cross-border issues.

EY help to disseminate what is just noise and the real factors that are affecting your business today and in the future. They give help and assistance to help guide you and hand-deliver the right professionals with the right industry and the right qualifications.

Because of EY’s global perspective then no matter what is going on in the world you can have the confidence that EY will have a perspective on it.

Whether it is the impact of globalisation, the search for growth or the challenges of climate control, EY offer insights how to navigate your business through turbulent times. They will work closely with their clients to find financial, strategic and operational solutions that improve your liquidity, financial flexibility and stakeholder returns.

In a nutshell EY will help you to build and retain a sustainable business for the now and the long term.

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