8 Destinations In And Around Melbourne To Visit With Your Minibus

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, and is one of the most popular destinations for both business and tourism. It is a modern metropolis that has been steeped in history, starting when it was established in 1935 when gold was discovered in the region. The city has a large number of tourist destinations that will appeal to all kinds of clients.

Travelling by minibus to most of these destinations is encouraged for many different reasons, including convenience and cost-saving especially if you are travelling in a group. Some of the destinations that you are specifically encouraged to use a minibus for touring include:



The-Federation-SquareThe Federation Square


The Federation Square was started in 2002, and was established to commemorate 100 years of federation. It has become one of the most popular sites for tourists to visit in the region. It has an ultramodern design that combines both open and closed spaces for maximum effect. It hosts more than 2,000 events every year, including both outdoor and indoor performances. This makes it one of the best sites to visit for groups and families, and is one of the major reasons why visiting it using a minibus would be encouraged. A minibus would make it easy to transport large groups to and from the venue with ease.



The Royal Botanic Gardens


This is a botanical garden that is located a short distance from the CBD. It was established in 1846, and is considered one of the most appealing botanical gardens in the world. It covers an area of 40 hectares and has more than 50,000 species of plants. Some of the other attractions in the area include the Potter Foundation Garden, designed to spark an interest in gardening for young kids. The Aboriginal Heritage Walk provides an opportunity to indulge in the rich heritage of indigenous Australians. All these factors make it a perfect group and family outing location. Using a minibus to travel to the facility is convenient on account of the fact that the garden is located just outside of the city, as well as the fact that it’s normally frequented by groups and families.



The Dandenong Ranges


The Dandenong Ranges is located approximately 1 hour’s drive east of the Melbourne CBD, making minibus travel particularly convenient. Visiting the ranges gives tourists the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and instead indulge in the scenic views that the range has to offer. The main attraction in the region are the majestic mountain ranges as well as the huge Mountain Ash trees. There are a number of ways of exploring the area, the most popular of which is using the narrow gauge railway.



The Great Ocean Road


This is a drive that starts approximately one hour and 15 minutes south west of Melbourne. It has the reputation of being termed as one of the most stunning drives in the country. It stretches over 243 kilometres over the Victorian Coast, and offers a wide range of vistas you can indulge in. If you are a fan of road trips, you could choose to go on the drive to view either part of it or the whole of it. Using a minibus allows you to experience the drive in comfort in a large group.



Phillip Island


This is an island that is located 2 hours south of Melbourne by road. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state and in the country as a whole for one reason: it is home to a large number of penguins. Though this is the main attraction in the city, there are many other things one can see and do in the region including the Koala Conservation Centre as well as the Churchill Island. One can also visit the Nobbies, a stretch of headland with a boardwalk that offers a wide range of scenery. Entry to the Phillips Island can be obtained using various passes including a 3 Park Pass or a Melbourne 5 in 1 Pack. The latter is particularly affordable for people travelling in groups.



The Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building


This attraction is located a few minutes from the Melbourne CBD. It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful gardens in the area the Museum itself houses a large number of exhibitions from a wide range of cultures and societies. In addition to exhibitions you can see, there is a lot to do as well, including a hands-on gallery that is specifically suited for kids. All these things make the museum particularly suited for family outings. Access to the museum by minibus will be both convenient and comfortable.



The-Melbourne-Cricket-GroundThe Melbourne Cricket Ground


If you are a fan of cricket, a visit to Melbourne would not be complete without visiting the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This is a stadium that has a capacity of around 100,000 and has a history starting in 1853. It is considered the birthplace of Test Cricket. In addition to hosting cricket games, the venue can also be used as a function and concert centre. The Stadium is located on Brunton Avenue in East Melbourne. Considering the fact that the majority of people tend to visit the stadium in groups, it is often much easier to visit using a minibus rather than a larger number of individual cars, particularly for convenience and for the environmental consequences.



The Southbank Arts Centre


The Southbank Arts Centre is considered a mecca both for people who are interested in seeing some interesting art, as well as for those who might want to display their works to people. The centre has a large number of theatres and spaces, including the Homer Hall, State Theatre, the Playhouse and Fairfax Theatre. Groups including families and school trips tend to be the most popular patrons to the facility, in which case using a mini bus to get to and from the centre would be ideal. If you are thinking of performing at the facility, using a minibus makes it convenient to transport the props and people to and from the facility with ease.


In summary, there are many attractions you can enjoy in Melbourne irrespective of what your tastes are. Using our minibuses is particularly convenient to visit the above mentioned, either for convenience or on account of the distance involved. Talk to us today and find out more!

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